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COVID-19 Queensland entry and testing requirements

28 July 2021Covid news, LRTAQ news

As at 28 July 2021, all of New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria are declared COVID-19 hotspots. This means that drivers travelling into Queensland from these states must have:

  1. A current Border Declaration ‘F’ Pass AND
  2. (From 1:00am 30 July) Evidence of a negative test in the past 7 days (such as a pathology text message) AND
  3. Continue to have a COVID-19 test every 7 days AND
  4. Carry a copy of the business COVID Safe Plan AND
  5. Carry a Close Contact Record Sheet (example here), that indicates the date, time and location of where the close contact occurred; and if available, name, and phone number or email address of the close contact.

If a driver attends a Queensland Health COVID-19 testing facility, please ensure they identify themselves as a freight and logistics operator by showing a copy of their valid Queensland Border Declaration Pass (F Pass). This will entitle them to be tested, even if asymptomatic, and they will be prioritised for testing.

The Queensland Freight Protocol states that drivers who have routine COVID-19 testing are not required to isolate while awaiting a test result, if asymptomatic.

Drivers are encouraged to keep a copy of the Queensland Freight Protocol on hand, either printed out or electronically.

If you require assistance or clarification with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact the LRTAQ Secretariat for support.

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