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Young Person in

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The LRTAQ Young Person in Transport Award has been developed to recognise and acknowledge the contribution younger transport workers are making to the sustainability of our industry.

Employers and associates are encouraged to nominate outstanding individuals for this award to recognise excellence in their workplace. The LRTAQ is encouraging nominations of individuals who display pride and professionalism in their career, have a passion for our industry and have a strong desire to advance within it.

All roles within the livestock and rural transport industry are eligible to be nominated (for example drivers, mechanics, schedulers, administration officers, shed hands, managers – are all eligible for nomination).

Nominations are now closed for The Young Person in Transport Award 2024. The Young Person in Transport Award will be presented at the 2024 Bull Carter’s Ball.

Young Person in Transport Award Finalists 2024

Jack Murray

Frasers Livestock Transport

Jack is a Livestock Transport Operator for Frasers Livestock Transport.

Jack’s road to date within the Livestock and Rural transport industry has been an exciting story to watch. Originally from Manilla NSW, Jack spent his younger years growing up on sheep and cattle farms. Jack’s grandfather had trucks and from a very young age spent every spare minute sitting beside his grandfather in the truck. This is where he caught the trucking bug.

Jack is driven on enthusiasm to give everything a go. This is displayed in many ways by Jack with his passion for the job. It’s heard in his voice, and by the way he handles his stock and equipment. Jack’s on-road conduct is off a high calibre.

Jack brings a positive energy to work each and every day – whereby nothing is ever a problem and always up for a yarn.

Jack has been seen spending numerous hours with the next generation of Trucking enthusiasts – talking about, showing and encouraging their passion for the industry. It is with young people like Jack, that our industry will thrive and continue to grow.

Ryan Gallagher

Mort & Co Transport

Ryan is a Livestock Transport Operator for Mort & Co Transport.

Ryan started his working career as an automotive mechanic then advanced to an aircraft maintenance engineer but since Ryan can remember he’s had a passion for driving trucks. Ryan spent several years as a stockmen gaining knowledge and experience working with cattle with his sights set on becoming a livestock truck driver.

Ryan has progressed from working within the company as a stockmen in the feedlot to gaining a role as a driver in the transport division.

Ryan has always been reliable, punctual, and acted professionally whether in a professional setting or on a social occasion. Ryan is eager to learn new skills and will ask questions of his peers to gain valuable knowledge to help better himself.

Ryan is dedicated to his line of work and goes above and beyond when fulfilling his responsibilities through hard work in our Industry.

Matt Kinsey

Martins Stock Haulage

Matt is a Livestock Transport Operator for Martins Stock Haulage. 

Matt finished his time as Diesel Mechanic at the Longreach shire council before starting work in another company as a workshop fitter for a few years and while test driving repaired trucks, he started to show more interest in driving. Matt then started to do a few local jobs and weekend driving when required and then decided to give the spanners away and become a full-time road train driver.

Matt is very proud of this driving position at Martins Stock Haulage. Matt is very professional in completing any job we ask him to do whether it be 1 bull or small 2 decks jobs around the corner or a 6.5 deck job to Darwin. All jobs are treated the same and so are the customers.

Matt’s co-workers hold him in high regard. Martin’s senior drivers are very impressed with Matt’s overall work ethic, personality, and willingness to learn. With Matt’s manner and willingness to learn from his senior peers, Matt will certainly grow to be a future employee that younger drivers will look up to one day.

Prue Clarke

Gracemere Livestock Transport/GB & AR Willoughby Livestock Transport

Prue is the Administration/HR Manager for Gracemere Livestock Transport and GB & AR Willoughby Livestock Transport.

Prue displays true professionalism in her position within her small family-owned businesses. She is tasked to handle all the administrative duties of the business from onboarding employees, implementing policies and procedures, paying employees, managing debtors and creditors and all invoicing/accounts and NHVAS Maintenance Management & BFM for the team of 9 trucks.

Prue has created many efficiencies for reporting within the business which has helped the business grow. She excels at Excel spreadsheets and managing reports to give feedback on all costings and fuel consumptions. She takes pride in all the work she does for the businesses and all the reports and data she efficiently manages allows the businesses to run a well operated and organised facility for our customers and for the team. Prue takes any opportunity to broaden her knowledge within the industry. 

Prue’s honesty, integrity, hard work, attention to detail, flexibility, kind nature and quiet achiever attitude, are all traits that we and the wider transport industry are looking for in the next generation. Not only has Prue’s hard work and investment helped the Gracemere Livestock Business grow dramatically, but she has also done this while raising a young family.

Brett Hawkins

Hawkins Transport

Brett is the Operations Manager/NHVAS Compliance Driver for Hawkins Transport.

Brett is a dedicated and hardworking employee and has demonstrated this on various occasions throughout his career. Originally commencing with Hawkins Transport 14 years ago where he finished his apprenticeship as a Diesel Mechanic. Brett then moved onto managing the maintenance of the fleet before ultimately being on the forefront of the freight team servicing The Gulf communities.

Brett is very community focussed and is continuously developing new ways to ensure best practices to meet customer needs. He is a professional within the field and genuinely cares about delivering excellent quality work. 

Brett has worked in various depot locations including Normanton, Mt Isa, Brisbane, Townsville and Charters Towers. During his time at each location, he strived to achieve a positive workplace culture; he truly is a people person, and it shows as he creates an environment where people want to work.

Brett displays very strong pride in the company he is diligent and professional with customers and coworkers and goes above and beyond in order to ensure customers receive their goods on time and in excellent condition.

Young Person in Transport Award 2023

The Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of Queensland (LRTAQ) has announced the finalists and winner of the Young Person in Transport Award 2023.

The award was developed to recognise and acknowledge the contribution younger transport workers are making to the sustainability of our industry. Member businesses of the rural transport peak body were encouraged to recognise excellence in their workplace and nominate outstanding individuals aged 35 years or younger.

Congratulations to Anton Fitzgerald of Meandarra Services Transport for taking out the Young Person in Transport Award for 2023.

It was wonderful to come together at the Bull Carter’s Ball to celebrate the achievements.

Thank you to our sponsor Cummins Meritor for supporting this initiative once again.

Anton was one of seven very impressive finalists – each of which is a credit to their business and our industry. Congratulations also to each of these finalists on their well deserved recognition for their dedication to rural transport

  • Josh Ahern – Martins Stock Haulage
  • Skye Loveday – R J Loveday Transport
  • Travis Oliver – Oliver’s Livestock Transport
  • Wyatt Fisk-Walsh – Frasers Livestock Transport
  • Brodie Matton-Osgood – Bill Matton Transport
  • Matthew McLennan – Seilers Transport


Josh Ahern

Martins Stock Haulage

Josh Ahern is a Livestock Transport Operator for Martins Stock Haulage.

Josh started at Martins as a young and enthusiastic employee with a passion for driving trucks and continues to hold that same passion today. Josh shows a lot of pride in he’s truck & equipment. Josh is a real team player and will always help out his work mates.

Martins Stock Haulage General Manager Adam Ross has received many compliments about Josh from longstanding customers. They believe him to be a capable young man and love his manner whether it be working the cattle while loading the truck, or his overall personal character. With Josh’s manner and willingness to learn from his senior peers, Josh will certainly grow to be a future employee that younger drivers will look up to.

Josh is reliable, polite, honest, well presented, and punctual. He’s co-workers hold him in high regard. He is always ready and willing to do whatever is required of him.

Skye Loveday

R J Loveday Transport

Skye Loveday is a Livestock Transport Operator, Mechanic, Office Admin & Stockwoman for R J Loveday Transport.

Skye looks after the logistics & coordination of Livestock movements from the Channel Country in Outback Queensland in her family business based in Quilpie.

Driving triple road trains and B-doubles all throughout Outback Queensland and Northern South Australia. Skye shows skill and professionalism when handling firstly her truck and secondly, Skye show’s care and respect to the cattle she’s transporting. Skye also gets on the tools to fix whatever needs fixing, runs the business office, and gets on the machines to work in the yards.

Skye is always there to lend a hand and always with a smile. The effort she puts into keeping her equipment clean and maintained is admirable – especially when it comes to keeping a complete triple set up in the condition that she does. Skye is bubbly, funny and just a great person to be around.

Anton Fitzgerald

Meandarra Transport Services

Anton Fitzgerald is the Operations & Logistics Manager & Livestock Transport Operator for Meandarra Transport Services.

Anton commenced with Meandarra Transport Services as a driver but was the obvious choice to fill the vacant position of Operations & Logistics Manager in October of 2021. His maturity, knowledge, industry skills, energy and passion has seen him thrive and grow in this role whilst still fulfilling his driving duties.

Anton’s pride and professionalism is his position shines through in his attention to detail, efficiency and reliability. Along with his peers & colleagues, customers and others in the transport industry, Anton can be depended on for a timely and reliable solution that works for everyone, and he always carries these tasks through with confidence and professionalism.

Not only does he have this willingness to go above and beyond for his employers, but he cares about the industry he works in. Anton promotes a safe, healthy, and happy working environment within the livestock transport industry. 

Travis Oliver

Oliver’s Livestock Transport

Travis is a Livestock Transport Operator, mechanic & 2IC in his family business based in Middlemount.

From a very young age Travis had shown a big interest in the transport industry and was destined to be behind the wheel of a truck.

Travis always operates in a highly professional manner. He shows a deep respect and commitment equally to both clients and employees. He places significant emphasis and high regard towards the safety and wellbeing of the livestock he transports as well as his fellow road users.

Travis’s positive, professional, and personable manner transitions quickly when interacting with the owners of stock, stockpersons and other transport operators. Travis has emerged as a true leader in the industry, helping run the family business and continuing to maintain strong relationships with external stakeholders and family alike.

Travis is a dedicated family man with an outgoing personality, great communication skills and a positive attitude.

Wyatt Fisk-Walsh

Frasers Livestock Transport

Wyatt is a Livestock Transport Operator for Frasers Livestock Transport.

Wyatt came to Frasers as a fresh entrant to the livestock and rural transport industry at 19 years of age with a car licence. His first job was as a general depot hand & wash bay attendant within approx. 2.5 months he was eligible to upgrade to a HR licence. Wyatt progressively upgraded his licence classes gaining real heavy vehicle driving skills and experience, firstly in the body truck locally transporting sheep & cattle, single trailer articulated vehicles, then onto B Doubles, B Triples and Road Trains.

Wyatt’s passion and pride is shown in many ways with his love for the job, whether that be by appearance of not only himself personally but his equipment upkeep and a high standard of on-road conduct.

What really stands out with Wyatt has been his patience learning and gaining real on the job experience in a balanced progressive way. Always willing to help others and get his hands dirty and handle/experience livestock.

He’s driven on excellence coupled with traditional work ethics and values always asking for his next trip challenge.

Brodie Matton-Osgood

Bill Matton Transport

Brodie is the Manager, Admin & Stockhand for Bill Matton Transport.

Brodie has been employed at Bill Matton Transport for 6 years and in that time, she’s excelled in every task that’s been put to her. Brodie’s dedication and professionalism is second to none. She has always been willing to pride herself with everything she does for the business and herself.

Her achievements show in the many qualifications she holds and continues to move forward with her qualifications and desire to pursue every path available. Brodie is currently completing a Bachelor in Agriculture to further her skills and have more all-round knowledge. Brodie holds a current HR license and has booked in to get her MC in September.

Brodie spends countless hours striving to improve what we do as a business and ensuring that we’re working as best as we can. She has been attending many courses to increase her qualifications and knowledge for the industry. 

Matthew McLennan

Seilers Transport

Matthew is a Livestock Transport Operator for Seilers Transport.

Matt has been involved in the transport industry his entire life, as his father is a well-respected livestock driver in his own right. Matt would accompany and assist his dad often, well before he was able to obtain a licence.

Matt displays pride and professionalism in his role as livestock transport operator daily. His ability to handle stock calmly and efficiently is an attribute that is noted by his peers and customers alike.

Matt is always willing to undertake any job that is tasked to him, from transporting cattle long distances, to tedious multi pick up loads where attention to customer requirements is essential. 

Matts contribution to the industry is demonstrated by his ability and willingness to act professionally wherever he is. He well known for his laid back, cool, calm and collected manner. He is a likeable character, with a great sense of humour. He is a quiet achiever, that just gets in to get the jobs done.  

Young Person in Transport Award 2022

The Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of Queensland (LRTAQ) has announced the finalists and winner of the Young Person in Transport Award 2022.

The award was developed to recognise and acknowledge the contribution younger transport workers are making to the sustainability of our industry. Member businesses of the rural transport peak body were encouraged to recognise excellence in their workplace and nominate outstanding individuals aged 35 years or younger.

Congratulations to Luke Cannon of Frasers Livestock Transport for taking out the Young Person in Transport Award for 2022.

It was wonderful to come together at the Bull Carter’s Ball to celebrate the achievements.

Thank you to our sponsor Meritor for supporting this initiative once again.

Luke was one of five very impressive finalists – each of which is a credit to their business and our industry. Congratulations also to each of these young men on their well deserved recognition for their dedication to rural transport:

  • Andrew Travers (Travers Transport)
  • Brodie Coleman (Condabri Feedlot)
  • Jamie Healey (Seilers Transport) and
  • Luke Taylor (Kahler Transport).

Andrew Travers

Travers Transport

Andrew Travers is an owner operator within his family business “Travers Transport”.

Andrew is a qualified electrician and completed his electrical apprenticeship in 2010. Andrew is now a second-generation livestock truck driver with the family business, making the leap to purchase his own truck in 2015.

Andrew’s clients regard him as a professional operator, and speak very highly of his livestock handling skills and the great care he takes with their consignments.

Throughout his career, Andrew has continued to expand his knowledge of both the livestock industry and transport industry at any chance he gets. He has taken a keen interest in the mechanical and fitting aspect of the job and Andrew has responsibility for the maintenance of the trucks and trailers within the Travers fleet.

Andrew is a keen rugby league fan and a dedicated and loving husband and father of three young children.

Brodie Coleman

Drury Farming Co

Brodie Coleman is the Livestock Logistics Coordinator and Driver for Drury Farming Company. Brodie oversees all cattle transport logistics for the company and handles over 60,000 head per year.

Brodie’s dedication and outstanding commitment has been a key contributor to the growth of the business from one truck in 2011 to 6 in 2022.

He has been involved in design and development of livestock trailers and handling facilities, has a great cattle sense and awareness and is always looking to improve his skills.

GDL Managing Director Peter Daniel regards Brodie as the most professional transport driver and coordinator he has ever worked with.

His employer Simon shared that over the last 10 years Brodie has driven around 2 million kilometres, never scratched a truck and has a perfect driving record.

Brodie is a proud husband to Megan and dad to Hollie and Max.

Jamie Healey

Seilers Transport

Jamie Healey is a Livestock Transport Operator for Seiler’s Transport.

Jamie started with Seiler’s in 2019 with no experience transporting livestock, but with a great attitude and dedication has developed into one of the most capable operators in the Seilers fleet. Jamie quickly progressed from his HC to a MC licence within his first 12 months in the industry. He also obtained his Basic Fatigue Management certificate within 3 months and is now a part of the Advanced Fatigue Management group.

Seilers Managing Director Cliff Seiler says that every day Jamie goes above and beyond our expectations to support our team, our customers and our company values. Cliff says Jamie’s calm nature fits perfectly with Seiler’s approach to handling livestock, with several customers requesting Jamie transport their livestock.

Luke Taylor

Kahler Transport

Luke Taylor is a Fleet Manager and driver for Kahler Transport.

Luke came to Kahler Transport as a fully qualified mechanic from Road Transport Specialists. Luke’s main roles including, driving and maintain our trucks and trailers. Luke maintains the Kahler fleet to a very high standard, including all cleaning, inside and out, servicing and repairs. Luke has progressed, without incident, from driving a small body truck up to road trains.

Luke has an exceptional work ethic and is friendly with everyone around him. He is very professional with all clients, farmers, farm workers and other drivers. Luke keeps up to date on all heavy vehicle and welfare standards.

Luke has been known to help out other truck drivers who have broken down and always carries few spare parts and tools with him that seem to be able to get any driver on their way to a major workshop – evidence of the pride he takes in his work and keeping the transport industry moving.

Young Person in Transport Award 2021

Member businesses were encouraged to recognise excellence in their workplace and nominate outstanding individuals for the inaugural LRTAQ Young Person in Transport Award.

Six worthy finalists were put forward for the honour: Jack Mailman (Martins Stock Haulage), James Scott (Scotts Haulage), Axel Oppermann (Oppermann and Sons Transport), Daniel Steel (Stockyard Transport Pty Ltd), Damian Swalling (Swalling Livestock Transport) and Jack Uebergang (Frasers Livestock Transport).

It was wonderful to come together at the Bull Carter’s Ball to celebrate the achievements of each of these impressive young men. It was great to see that each of the finalists was supported at the event by family members and work mates.

The Award was proudly sponsored by Meritor, who due to travel restrictions unfortunately couldn’t have a representative join us in person to celebrate. Meritor’s Managing Director David Cole provided us with this video message which was played before the announcement of the winner. Thank you to David and the team at Meritor for supporting excellence in our industry and getting behind our initiative.

There could only be one winner, and Damian Swalling, of Swalling Livestock Transport, was named as the LRTAQ Young Person in Transport Award winner for 2021. Congratulations Damian!

Thank you to our independent judges Gary Mahon (CEO of the Queensland Trucking Association) and Paul Blake for so generously giving their time to this process.

The 2021 finalists were:

  • Jack Mailman, Martins Stock Haulage
  • Axel Oppermann, Oppermann and Sons Transport
  • James Scott, Scotts Haulage
  • Daniel Steel, Stockyard Transport
  • Damian Swalling, Swalling Livestock Transport
  • Jack Uebergang, Frasers Livestock Transport

Jack Mailman

Martins Stock Haulage

Jack Mailman is an apprentice Heavy Vehicle Mechanic with Martins Stock Haulage based in the Oakey depot.

Since joining Martins as a school based heavy vehicle apprentice, Jack has shown great commitment to his employment, technical learning and in-house training. Nothing is a problem to this professional young man.

At just 18 years of age, Jack is actively involved in all aspects of the workshop, from the weekly workshop meetings to participating in the safety committee meetings.

Jack leads by example and puts forward sensible and well thought through suggestions. He gets the job done efficiently and effectively. Jack is held in high regard by all Martins Stock Haulage staff, including management, his workshop peers, office personnel and drivers.

Axel Oppermann

Oppermann and Sons Transport

Axel Oppermann is a third-generation transporter and the owner operator of Oppermann and Sons Transport, Rolleston.

After finishing his trade as a Diesel Fitter with Hastings Deering and being employed full time, Axel acquired his MC Licence, working for Oppermann Transport on his RDOs.

Recently Axel and his wife decided it was the life of an owner operator for them and took the plunge and purchased their own truck to subcontract livestock transportation.

Axel’s clients say that he is a professional and punctual operator, and always works in a safety conscious manner. Always courteous and considerate, he loads product with welfare practices at the forefront of his mind.

James Scott

Scotts Haulage

James Scott is a qualified mechanic and driver for his family business Scotts Haulage based in Roma.

From a very young age James seemed destined to carve out a career in the transport industry. With a strong background of working around cattle, James excels when it comes to handling livestock, and he understands the impact this has on his cattle and for his customers.

His dedication and commitment never falter despite the harsh environments we live and work in daily.

James maintains his gear, machinery and equipment to a high standard. He is always polite and punctual to all his jobs and his clients say it is always a pleasure doing business with him.

Damian Swalling

Swalling Livestock Transport

Damian is a senior driver, fleet maintenance manger and 2IC in his family-owned transport business Swalling Livestock Transport.

Damian completed a school-based apprenticeship with Byrne Trailers as a boiler maker. Approximately a year after completing his trade, Damian went to work for his family-owned business. Damian as usual covers a wide variety of jobs at Swallings but has a real passion for truck driving and carting cattle.

Damian is respected by his work mates, who can count on him as someone to jump in and lend a hand to get the job done safely and efficiently. He is held in high regard by all companies using Swallings for sub-contracting services – knowing well that while Damian is on the job or close by it will get done right.

Jack Uebergang

Frasers Livestock Transport

At just 21 years of age, Jack Uebergang is a qualified diesel mechanic, who also attained his Multi Combination Licence in May earlier this year.

Jack’s passion for trucks is in his blood, and he has shown eagerness to learn and progress in the industry. Starting with Frasers Livestock Transport as a school based trainee working one day a week, throughout his apprenticeship Jack went with the drivers whenever possible after hours and on weekends to gain experience.

Jack is respected by his peers, punctual and reliable and has recently been tasked with responsibility of the Frasers Rockhampton workshop.

His employer, Ross Fraser says that Jack’s ability to handle and respond to difficult situations in this very challenging industry is a credit to him – and at just 21 years old demonstrates maturity beyond his years.

Daniel Steel

Stockyard Transport

Daniel Steel is a driver employed with Stockyard Transport based in Townsville.

Daniel started with Stockyard Transport as a general yard person, working his way up to an MC Licence and is now a valued part of the Stockyard driving team.

Daniel is known as a team player, even after long day in the truck, he is willing to get out and help others if required.

Daniel’s employer Natasha Johnson says she is consistently impressed with Daniel’s work ethic and pride in his job. He’s motivated and diligent, always looking for things to do and ways to improve himself and others around him.